alyssa lee

about me

Hello! I am Alyssa Lee, a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University.

I like to make art and code.

Scroll down to see some of my projects!

my work

art gallery

Check out some of my recent paintings and animations!


A VR project made with Connie Ye, Rain Du, and Lexin Yuan. You can experience two perspectives here and here. (a-frame, javascript)

selection sort

A cute learning tool for visualizing and practicing selection sort on an array. (unity)

snow gum

A game for language-learning made at HackCMU with Connie Ye and Cece Brower. (html canvas, javascript, annyang)

the afterthought

An interactive art project for my Concept Studio class. (three.js, blender)

code jest

a text adventure game that teaches coding, made with Lauren Zhang and Lisa Lo for hackED. First place winner! (html, javascript, css)

greedy greedy hippo

a TSP algorithm visualizer made with d3.js! (javascript, d3.js)


I have a lot more projects that won't fit on this page! check them out!

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